Health & Fitness Tips – Stay motivated

At the start of each new year, many people start a new campaign to get in the best shape of their lives, and although the intention is real enough, many actually give up before the first month has even passed. So why is this the case? Maybe you can relate to this yourself. It seems like the more times you try and then give up, this somehow becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So here are some health and fitness tips to keep you on track.

Health and fitness tips – have a specific goal

Many of the great books on self-motivation have a very popular theme when it comes to success. Successful people seem to have a very specific purpose for their life and this is especially true for top athletes and athletes. The idea of ​​goal setting is not new. However, this is how it can often lead to a fall. For example, if I just say I want to get in shape or I’m going to try a new exercise regimen, it’s not sending a strong message to your subconscious mind. In fact, it’s really saying that you’re not really serious about making a change. So try to be specific. Set specific timelines and goals such as how much weight you will lose and when you will lose it.

Health and Fitness Tips – Keep a journal

The technique of writing down your goals and then keeping a record of your progress is a very powerful technique. It is a way to reinforce your intentions and program your mind for a new lifestyle. Try to attach an emotion of excitement to keeping these records. This way you won’t think of this as a chore but as a way to feel good about the changes you’re making. Passion attached to a specific goal is a powerful combination.

Health and Fitness Tips – Creative Visualization Techniques

I cited the example of the best athletes and athletes. They seem to naturally use these techniques to get them to the top. Many gold medalists will tell you that they imagined, over and over again, that moment when they hit the bar first and climbed onto the winners’ podium. Taking the time to visualize your fitness goals and get emotionally attached to the results will make your motivation come naturally. You will begin to wake up full of energy with a sense of anticipation. Suddenly, the thought of giving up will never enter your head because your new way of being has become a part of you.

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