Top beauty influencers on YouTube

Often referred to as “Beauty Gurus”, Beauty Vloggers and/or Beauty Influencers, Beauty YouTubers are often referred to as YouTubers. These are usually young women and men who create posts and videos about cosmetics, fashion, makeup, and other beauty-related topics on YouTube.

There are over 45,000 YouTube channels specializing in fashion and beauty related content, videos on makeup tutorials, cosmetics/skincare, beauty recommendations and other topics only on the YouTube community. Every month, more than 50 million people watch over 1.6 million minutes of consumer-generated fashion and beauty videos on YouTube.

Some beauty influencers are expanding their career in the online industry and earning huge sums of money just by using their channels as a medium to expand and leverage it for commercial purposes which is also done by collaborating with some cosmetic or clothing brands. They generally fall into their designated categories like product review, makeup tutorials, and personal clips. Other YouTubers choose to stick to simple uploading of videos as a hobby and are not keen on how much money they can make from their videos.

Here is a list of the most powerful influencers or let’s say Beauty Goddess in the world of YouTube

Zoe Sugg

Born Brit aka Zoella on YouTube. She started broadcasting from her childhood bedroom, her “transfers” or web lingo featuring cosmetics purchases. Now, she has more than 11.6 million YouTube subscribers and a best-selling beauty line at UK supermarket chain Superdrug at the age of 27. Her first novel ‘Girl Online’ broke first week sales records according to Nielsen BookScan.

Michelle Fan

The name Phan is synonymous with the influencer-turned-entrepreneur a decade after posting her first YouTube video. She’s now the co-founder of subscription cosmetics fund Ipsy, which was valued at over $500 million in 2015. She stopped posting sponsored content as her business grew, and soon learned that it wouldn’t be sustainable for long as viewers preferred authenticity to advertising.

Huda Kattan

While working a finance job, the Dubai-based businesswoman started blogging in 2010. Seven years later, she and her two sisters oversee a beauty empire that includes false eyelashes favored by Kim Kardashian and also sold in vending machines with Kattan’s face splattered to one side. Her makeup line is sold at Sephora.

Nikki de Jagger

Since she uploaded her first video in 2008, the Dutch makeup artist has gained an enviable following that has reached over 7.2 million on Instagram. In March 2017, she debuted a collaboration with Ofra’s professional collection, including a liquid lipstick she designed and a highlighter palette.

Shannon Harris

Known online as Shaaanxo, Shaaanxo started vlogging in 2009 to fill the void she saw. “I was obsessed with watching YouTubers from the US and never finding anyone from New Zealand or Australia,” said the Kiwi digital star. Eight years later, she now has a beauty brand, xoBeauty that sells eyelashes and brushes.

Jeffree Star

Jeffree has been building an online following since his MySpace days. Today, his YouTube channel has more than 4 million subscribers and a recent video announced a collaboration with Top Influencers member Manny Gutierrez.

Candy Johnson

She started blogging in 2008 and then uploaded her first vlog the following year using her grandfather’s old camcorder. Soon, she was hosting “glaminars,” or beauty and business seminars, from her YouTube channel.

Manny Gutierrez

Known online as MannyMUA, the digital star was thinking about medical school when he began to focus his attention on social media. Now, he is among a rising group of top male makeup aficionados. He first gained a following on Instagram and then moved to YouTube at the request of his followers. Now, he is an ambassador for Maybelline with a total audience of over 7 million among his many partnerships.

Christine Dominic

A busy mom and full-time student, Kristen started posting on YouTube in 2009. Now, with an audience of over 4 million across all platforms, she’s now partnered with the likes of L’Oreal, Sephora, and Urban Decay.

Wayne Gross

The British-born makeup artist has been growing his YouTube channel since 2009. In 2012, a tutorial on how to highlight and contour like Kim Kardashian has garnered over 11 million views to date and helped propel him to the biggest spot among beauty influencers.

From professional makeup artists to amateurs reviewing drugstore purchases on camera. Today, these influencers have reached 135 million followers, likes, and subscribers online.

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