Beauty Tips and Ideas: Nail Fashion Guide

Nails attract the attention of designers and fashionistas all year round. High-end brands come up with launches a few times each season, just to make sure we have all the colors and designs we want at all times. With all the nail polish colors available in the market, which ones should we be adopting this summer?

Summer is the time when you choose the colors that you get away with for the rest of the year. Unexpected, bright, trendy, neon…they are all adjectives to color your time in the pool and during festivals and holidays. choose unpredictable colors; Grab some hot pink, navy blue, turquoise, orange, metallic…

So what are the latest nail color trends? What are the latest summer nail arts? What about nail shapes and lengths? Here are some beauty tips and ideas.

minty fresh

Bright greens pair with bold blues to accentuate summer days at the beach and light, fresh cocktails. Don’t forget sea moisture green, also known as bluish green which looks beautiful on natural nails.

blush shades

Nail polish colors ranging from pale pink to light mauve are all in favor this season.

Polish in love

Classic red, cherry red, red seashell… never go out of style! Red is the primary nail color no matter the season. So if you are addicted to red, go for the cranberry red this summer.

Watermelon feels the earth

Since last year, oranges and nudes are still taking over nail polish colours world! Choose a touch of peach for a ’70s feel.

Navy blues

This navy blue nail color hits the market, and it comes with a lot of glitter.

The new polishes are perfect for both finger and toe nails, and they look great with different fashion styles like classics and modern jewellery.

The best nail shapes of the season

This season, nail shapes don’t have to be too long and pointed to be attractive. Short, square nails are beneficial, especially with darker hues like dark navy. Naturally shaped nails are also in fashion this summer. It is best for beige and beige colors. Round nails are getting a lot of attention this year, as they are a blow from the past, and are best paired with gray nail polish. Long, almond-shaped nails are not a must this summer, however they are in demand with red nail polish.

Share the nail shapes, colors or designs that you rely on most often in the summer.

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