Bridal gowns: designs to highlight the natural beauty of every woman

You are about to embark on the most important shopping trip of your life. The wedding gown you choose will be the most important and perhaps the most luxurious garment you will ever own. This is why, whether you wear a size 6 or a 26, you need to make smart, educated decisions about which dress you decide to buy.

To help make your search for the perfect wedding dress a little easier, I’m a former fashion editor at brides A magazine turned image consultant, he offered some style tips for getting the best dress for your money.

These days, the average cost of a wedding dress for events like Bridal Expos is around $700, and designer dresses start at around $1,500. For this reason, I suggest you work with an image consultant, rather than relying on the advice of a salesperson, whose job it is to sell you a product—if you like it, they sell it. A photo advisor will help you choose the right dress that best suits your body type and shape.

Sample sales are also a great resource to snag the finished designer gown, but keep in mind that sample sales are often hit or miss situations, and don’t stock plus sizes.

If you want celebrity style for your big day, I have a caveat: You can’t use Beyoncé as a style dictum and say I want to look like her in a certain dress or style. You have to ask yourself “Do I have Beyoncé’s body type?” She is an artist and the clothes are designed specifically and with her in mind.

If you have a tall and graceful model, you can choose almost any elegant dress. But if you are tall and have a boyish body shape – narrow hips, wear a dress with a sash to give the illusion of a thigh, an A-line or an empire line.

Strapless gowns are for every woman who feels comfortable with the upper half of her body, but if the upper half of your body – arms and shoulders, is disproportionate, you have flabby arms and you don’t have great clear skin, you can wear a cut bolero jacket.

What color you choose to wear to the wedding is entirely up to you. But simple is always best because you have to accessorize, and the focus should be on the bride.

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